​​​​​Is your group interested in a presentation?

If you are interested in a speaker for Financial Aid Night or Paying for College, send a request to: paula@paulabishop.com  One-hour talks are available for your company, school, PTA, sports and church groups.  Free to high schools and non-profits. Topics include:

  • Step by Step Procedures for Filling out Financial Aid Forms to include the FAFSA and the CSS Profile

  • In depth Discussion of 529 College savings plans and GET

  • The Secrets of Financial Aid for College

  • How to Determine if You Qualify for Financial Aid and for How Much Aid

  • Financial Aid Award Letters - Are They Telling the Parents Enough?  How to Evaluate Awards

Start the Process

After reading through the information on this website and you would like to proceed, please complete the contact form by clicking here.I would email the listing of questions for you to begin. Prior to the meeting, I spend several hours researching your situation so that I can tailor the discussion to your family's circumstances. With a small investment and a little time, you can save yourself thousands concentration on colleges that are affordable to you, the parents, and also satisfy your student's academic and social needs!

Recent Past Seminars/Talks

- Wed, Nov 17th, 2021 East King County Estate Planning Council (in Person!)

- Mon, Oct 11th, 2021 to Northwest Yeshiva HS via Zoom

- Wed, Sept 15th 2021 to Private Counselor's Clients via Zoom

- Tues, Oct 27th, 2020 7pm for Skyline HS via Zoom, open to the public.

- Thursday Oct 1, 2020 7pm for Issaquah HS via Zoom, but EVERYONE is welcome to attend!

- Tues, Feb 4th, 2020 7pm, Bainbridge Island High School library.  "Paying for College without going Broke!"  Free and open to the public.

- Wed, Feb 5th and Thurs Feb 6th, 2020  "Paying for College without going Broke!" on Wed, Feb 5th (at Sammamish HS) and Thurs Feb 6th (at Bellevue High School).   Bellevue School District College Night - come hear @ 18 college related topics to include "Paying for College without going Broke!"  Free and open to the public.  For 9th, 10th ,11th grade students and their parents.
Tues, Nov 5th, 2019  Education Planning, presented to East King County Estate Planning Council.  Hyatt Hotel.  

Upcoming College Financial Aid Seminars/Events

Paying for College without going Broke !

Thurs, Feb 23rd, 2023 9am (PST) for clients of Investment Advisory firm in Atlanta.   Learn how to get the most aid from the colleges. 

  Presentation will be recorded.  Live presentation to clients.