College Financial Aid

After reading through the information on this website and you would like to proceed, please complete the contact form byclicking here.  I would email the listing of questions for you to begin. Prior to the meeting, I spend several hours researching your situation so that I can tailor the discussion to your family's circumstances.

Worried about college costs? We can help!

I guide the family towards affordable colleges during the college search process - before the college list is finalized. I create customized worksheets which display the projected "After Financial Aid and Merit Awards" costs or estimated dollar cost to the family of the colleges on their current list and sometimes I add colleges that would work favorably to the family's financial situation with regards to the student's background. Both the student and parents can then proceed with the college application process with much more confidence. My estimates have been quite reliable, as I understand the financial aid formula, and have seen awards from most colleges in the US. 

To get the process started, I would email a listing of questions to you regarding the details of your family's situation (finances, current school situation, potential colleges of interest to your student, your marital status, academic background of your student, college goals, etc.), and use this information to concentrate on your family's issues. My goal would be to determine whether your family qualifies for need based aid and for how much aid, and identify the colleges that offer financial aid awards based on your student's background and colleges of interest. If it is determined that the family does not qualify for financial aid based on need (according to the financial aid formula) we then look at colleges that can offer merit awards (based on academics and talents), and colleges that fit the family’s affordability threshold.

Through a review of your tax information, your assets, your student's income and assets we calculate the dollar amount the financial aid system expects your family to contribute to college costs each year.  We develop strategies to increase your financial aid eligibility.
Complete the financial aid forms.  Our firm is very familiar with all of the necessary financial aid forms to include the FAFSA, CSS Profile form as well as financial aid forms unique to various colleges.
Working with your current college list, our firm analyses the colleges that fit your student's goals and interests, and are also affordable to the family!  Additional colleges that most likely would have a lower cost will also be addressed.   Aid awards from the colleges of interest will be projected.
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
- Benjamin Franklin 

Paula Bishop
CPA, Financial Aid for College Advisor